Aglaonema Silver Bay in Lechuza Diamente WhiteAglaonema Silver BayAglaonema Silver Bay FoliageAglaonema Silver Bay

Aglaonema Silver Bay

Also known as Chinese evergreens, the aglaonema is a vibrant, attractive plant that features bright green and silver foliage to brighten up any room.


Product Description

This Aglaonema hybrid is probably the best of all midsize foliage plants.  They feature rich green leaves attractively patterned with silver.  It also has cute, calla-lily-like blooms in spots where it gets enough light.  They’re large enough to have a significant impact on the interior landscape, yet tough enough to thrive with average conditions.  Aglaonemas are native to the monsoon forests of southern China, an area where six months of wet, dripping weather is followed by an equally long dry spell.



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