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Snake Plant

Snake plants are great for purifying the air and are a great choice for low-light corners or hallways of your office.


Product Description

Sansevierias are valued for their interesting appearance and durability. It belongs to the family Asparagaceae, native to the tropics of West Africa.  Its leathery sword-shape leaves are usually marbled with gray and may be edged with yellow or white. Although snake plant tolerates low light, it grows better in medium or bright light.  It’s bold and clutter free lines make it a very popular and one of the plants of choice for architecture and interior design.

Although there are close to 70 varieties of the snake plant, the most common variety is the S. trifasciata laurentii, or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue.  Laurentii literally means “three bundles,” and this can be seen in the leaf markings of the variety. Each leaf is edged on both sides with solid lines of vertical yellow, in the center there are two different shades of horizontal zig zag green stripes.





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