Neanthe Bella Palm
Palm Neanthe Bella in Lechuza Cubico White

Neanthe Bella Palm

The beautiful, attractive and delicate appearance of the Parlour Palm make it an excellent choice for any office or lobby setting.  The light green fronds about 8in / 20cm  have a dainty texture that adds a splash of color to any room.


Product Description

Neanthe Bella, also called the Parlour Palm, is one of the most popular palms.  It looks stunning in any setting and can tolerate spaces with poor light and humidity levels.  This beautiful plant has smaller fronds than most palms and lots more of them. These lacy fronds grow to make a dense plant that will acclimate to most areas of the home or office environment.  It grows to a manageable height of approximately 2-4 ft which is suitable for any room.


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