Dracaena Warneckii in Lechuza Cubico Whitedracaena-warneckiiDracaena Warneckii in Lechuza Carraro SilverDracaena Warneckii foliage

Dracaena warneckii

Warneckiis have very long, tough leaves that are green with white bands running along the edge. It is bred to contain an attractive pattern, either in a lime-green or green and white pattern.


Product Description

Dracena, which comes from the Greek word meaning “female dragon” is a genus with about 40 different species that are native to Africa and parts of southern Asian and Central America. The Warneckii, also known as the Striped dracaena, is similar to the Janet Craig plant as it is a medium sized shrub. Its foliage is narrower than Janet Craig and comes to a sharper point, with distinctive white stripes running lengthwise in the leafs center. It likes medium light, but can tolerate direct sunlight as well as low light conditions.


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