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Cast Iron Plant

This plant is as tough as its name! It will practically grow in the dark. Excellent for those difficult to fill areas in deep shade.  The cast iron plant has dark green, shiny corn like leaves that can grow to 24 inches long, and occasionally produces small, purple-brown flowers near the base of the plant.


Product Description

Aspidistra elatior, or the Cast Iron Plant, is native to China and Japan, and belongs to the lily family. It gets its name from its ability to deal with murky and poor lighting conditions.  This plant was popular during Victorian times and typically served as a parlor decorative plant.

It does takes a long time to grow to a saleable size therefore Aspidistra’s can be quite expensive to buy, and this combined with some of the stereotypes that the plant is old fashioned and fussy means it can be quite difficult to get hold of. However it is definitely worth searching for, despite the stereotype it’s actually a very easy and beautiful plant to grow, it will also live quite happily in many areas of the home without too much effort from you. They also have incredible potential for longevity with many anecdotal stories of peoples Aspidistra’s reaching 50 years of age and beyond.


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